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Are your mates always boasting about their knowledge of rugby and how they could do a better job than Joe Schmidt? Here's your chance to add some additional spice to proceedings by inviting your friends and colleagues to take part in this year's Irish Times Fantasy Rugby game - and maybe prove that you know more then them.

They can even join your own Private League where you can monitor closely on who is fairing better in the competition with your own personal league table.

And you can use the Private League's message board to gloat (or gripe) about your progress.

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Dear ............,

I've just signed up to play the The Irish Times Fantasy Rugby 2015 game at It's based on the upcoming international rugby tournament, which starts at 20:05 Irish time on Friday, 6 February.

The game is FREE to play and there are some fantastic prizes to be won, including 4,000 Euros for the overall winner!

Register a team TODAY and let's make this year's tournament a little more interesting.